Mar 23, 2020

Corona Lockdown Challenge to Self

The government is starting Lockdown from tomorrow 6 AM as a measure to control COVID-19. Seems like everyone in my flat unknowingly guessed it and went back home this morning. But I am stuck here now, alone in whole flat/home.

I have never cooked before, I never had to. My parents were there all the time when I used to stay at my house (Pokhara), till bachelor's. After I moved to Kathmandu, I used to live in a hostel in the beginning. Later shifted to a flat and used to have regular fooding in a hotel on a monthly basis. Currently, I live with my cousin sister and she takes care of the food.

She along with her husband left Kathmandu this morning. I took it normally and was thinking of having food in the office canteen in the morning and in the hotel in the evening.

But in the late evening today, Government all of a sudden announced Lock Down, effective from tomorrow morning. I was like WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?

I requested my friends of Pokhara (who stay in Kathmandu) to go Pokhara with me on my bike as I was kinda scared to ride alone in the night. But some of them were already in Pokhara,  and rest wasn't ready to go at night.

I had no option.

I decided to stay.

I had some books that I issued from the office library a few weeks back. Thought, this can be a good time to spend on self. Also a good time to see if I am completely safe or not till now from COVID-19.

So, I went to the market, bought some grocery items for a week. Even though I purchased some vegetables, I don't know if I will be able to cook them or not. For a safe side, I also purchased eggs (to boil), cookies and noodles - so that I don't have to die with hunger even if I can't cook at any cost.

So, let's see, what this week will bring me.

A better version of me in the kitchen?