Feb 4, 2015

The First Ever Nepalese Football Game

I developed a windows platformed game, GORKHE SHOOT. The game is simple penalty shoot out game, and featured Nepali National Football Clubs.

Later on, I got to know that I was the first football game developer in Nepal, which was also published on the Nepal's no.1 Football News Portal GoalNepal.

Click here to download and play the game. You will need Windows 8 or above OS. :)

Aayo Gorkhali - Nepali Football Supporting Song

I edited this Nepalese Football supporting video for GoalNepal. The song is supposed to be the 'anthem of Nepalese Football'. With the simple use of Windows Movie Maker, I prepared this video within 3 hours of the audio release. Later GoalNepal officially announced this video as the Official Music Video for the song "AAYO GORKHALI"

Click here to go to the video release article of from the GoalNepal.

SAFF Championship 2013 Promo & Groups Analysis

I volunteered GoalNepal to make a Analysis video for SAFF Championship 2013, Kathmandu. Below is the video that I made for them, both edited and narrated by me.

or, click here to go to the real link of the GoalNepal website.